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Arianna Meets the Women of Silicon Valley

Last night, Arianna Huffington appeared at the Women of Silicon Valley dinner reception, a regular gathering that has been organized by top Google executive Sheryl Sandberg at her Atherton, Calif., home.


The event features a wide range of speakers, all women so far, talking to a broad swath of typically high-ranking women technology executives from Internet, software and hardware companies, as well as from other walks of life, about a range of issues.

Last night, Huffington was there to talk about her powerhouse site, the Huffington Post (disclosure: I have written for it–although I was not paid and wrote about issues related to my sons) and get feedback about the announcement of its expansion, which will include new sections in areas like living and tech.

Many at the group discussion had never met the commanding blogger, and she upped the glam quotient in staid Silicon Valley on a quantum level. Earlier in the day, Huffington appeared for a book talk and signing at Google for her recent tome, “On Becoming Fearless…in Love, Work, and Life.”

The conversation last night, not surprisingly, centered a lot on the struggles of working professional mothers and on the status of women in the workplace.

Here’s a video I did of the event:

Please see this disclosure related to me and Google.