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I’ll Get to the Dumb New $6 Billion Rumor for Facebook Later, But First It’s Walt and Anton!

Posts are coming soon on the now-the-Bubble 2.0-has-definitively-arrived $6 billion boy-out rumor–what Microsoft will pay to get start-up cover star Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook–floated by former Internet analyst Henry Blodget this week.

I would say consider the source, but Blodget–despite his tainted reputation from Bubble 1.0–is still savvy about this arena and is probably right that Microsoft has got to be considering a run at the hotsy-totsy company of the moment, as I have said is Google.

That one has more legs–and the price would be even higher, as Google has jacked up its spending. Why not? Its own stock is at bubble highs, too, and it is making acquisitions as if it were Speed Racer. Careful, Speed!

Speaking of moving fast, if he does get a price in this lofty range, I would say Zuckerberg’s a fool for not taking the money and running. But wait–he can’t run, he’s in flip-flops.

And while it had the chance to be at this high-roller table once, by the way, at least Yahoo can’t afford this heady game of stupid, inflated money-chasing the very-nice-but-woefully-tiny Facebook. Maybe Yahoo’s luck is changing!

Until then, enjoy our own little amusement comparing our beloved Walt Mossberg with Anton Ego from the new kids’ movie, “Ratatouille.”

When our very talented Web genius Adam Tow ginned this up with a goatee beard and iPhone, too (pretty much all you need to know it’s Walt), I knew I had no choice but to post it.

Our apologies to Pixar, but this renewed dot-com frenzy has us all a little silly, doesn’t it?


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