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My Trenchant Analysis on the Facebook $6 Billion Acquisition by Microsoft Rumor

Um. No.


But let me be more specific: Is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that scared of Google?

I hope not, for his sake.

And yesterday at Fortune’s iMeme conference, someone poked his finger at me and essentially said I was not right in previous posts like this to insist that Facebook show us a glimpse of its awesome ad business, rather than just how much everyone just out of college, among the press and in Silicon Valley likes to use it.

“Facebook could turn on its marketing might in a minute and make a mountain of money,” he said, using too many m’s for my taste, which is all I could focus on rather than his hypothetical point. “They could do it anytime.”

OK, then, bring it on! Drown me in cool interactive Coke ads! Send iTunes freebies my way! Everyone loves a good “Harry Potter” trailer, even if it is shoved down their throats all day. Is there a way you can get a digital version of Lucky Charms to appear, because they are magically delicious.

That is all.

You may all talk among yourselves now.