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Hey Kids! Let’s Put On a Yahoo Reorg!

News is trickling in, but here’s a short skinny on the upcoming Yahoo reorg I reported on earlier today. By the way, it will be announced later today, I am told.

Indeed, as reported by Valleywag, Greg Coleman is out as its head of global sales and his duties shift over to Hilary Schneider, a fast-rising former Knight Ridder exec who is a favorite of Yahoo President Sue Decker.


Pictured here, she’ll ride herd over all ad sales and also relationships with publishers. I am not sure what the name of the group will be, as Yahoo often opts for incomprehensible names for its divisions, but I hereby dub it Sales and Publisher Network.

Also, because she is not as experienced in the ad sales arena as one might want from, well, the head of ad sales at a company whose principal business model is advertising, Yahoo might also be hiring another still unnamed top exec who will report to Decker and will focus on innovative ad solutions and products.

Jeff Weiner

And, more interesting, since many felt he might be considering an exit from Yahoo, Jeff Weiner (pictured here) is taking over a vast array of businesses Schneider had under her, including purview over shopping, travel, autos, real estate and local. They will all now be part of the Network division.

Ironically, those units used to be under Weiner, but got taken away in a previous Yahoo reorg–we’ll do a reorg scorecard tomorrow for those completely flummoxed–so it’s more of a homecoming than anything else.

As to the critically important new head of tech–that’s still to be determined. Yahoo has been–and must be–interviewing big names in the sector. Personally, I am pulling for other co-founder David Filo, who many still call the heart and soul of the tech operation. But I doubt he wants the big job and likes his current uber-spirit-of-tech role.

By the way, in a report I did in mid-June, I noted that Coleman was vulnerable. And in one a few weeks later in July noted that Schneider was on the upswing. (Coincidence? I think not!)