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No-Sacred-Cow Vision Quest, Day 45: Yahoos and Ex-Yahoos Speak!

Our email box was full today with missives from Yahoos, ex-Yahoos and others, all of whom wanted to weigh in on the latest changes at the company.

All are insightful (and some are even funny, too).

No one is identified, but here are some of my favorite observations, since most of them say it better than I ever could.

No Experience Necessary

(I added the names in parentheses.)

Now we’ve got a CEO who has never been CEO before (Jerry Yang). A COO with limited operations experience (Sue Decker). A CFO who has never been a CFO in his life (Blake Jorgensen) and an EVP of ad sales with no sales experience (Hilary Schneider). Next, I think we’ll hire a CTO who is well versed in arts and culture with no prior tech experience. (Still a mystery.)”

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

I read your latest post and even though I am not at Yahoo anymore, I am going to go outside and use my newest gift to myself, my margarita blender, get brain freeze from too much ice being consumed too quickly, and try to get the confusion of their reorg out of my mind!

“If I was working at Yahoo reading this, I would not know what I am supposed to do tomorrow when I come back into the office! Therefore, I would instead go home tonight, get out my list of headhunters and start sending out the next stack of resumes I did not send out over the weekend!”

Will Work for Free

I’d actually like to be a Yahoo! As would many other people who care. You’d think they’d be looking for the passionate people who’d like to be there. You’d think any of these Internet companies would. But that is a long story.”

Kara Is Hilarious

The Yahoo posts were laugh-out-loud funny, but your coolness factor just went way up for having Jill Sobule at your house!”

Kara Is Mean

You are downright nasty…hard to believe you worked for The WSJ and not the NY Post. Maybe it’s time to lay off for a while? You must be able to write something more intellectually interesting.”

Note to that emailer above: More intellectually interesting than corporate high jinks? I think not!

And given the recent events at Dow Jones, what with our pending acquisition by News Corp., BoomTown and Page Six are about to be related by marriage. So we’re The WSJ and the NY Post!