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A Tale of Two Parties in Silicon Valley, Part 2: iLike Kisses Up to Zuckerberg

Why shouldn’t the Partovi brothers–Hadi and Ali, both longtime serial tech entrepreneurs who sold their previous companies for big scores–give a little love back to that nice boy, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook?

So, last night, they threw a party to celebrate their start-up called iLike and also send some appreciation in Facebook’s direction.

After all, their social music discovery service is one of the most popular third-party applications on the hot social network, with seven million Facebook users (out of 11 million total), hypercharging the Seattle-based iLike.

Funded by Ticketmaster (IAC), Khosla Ventures, Bob Pittman and with a cast of top tech players as advisers, it is one of the widget wonders of the moment.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg was at the party, as well as many others in the Facebook widget universe, which is ruling Silicon Valley at this moment, with their zombie bites and silly polls and cartoonifying software.

They partied in the backyard of a tricked-out house in the fancy Silicon Valley neighborhood of Atherton–the home of Elevation Partners’ Marc Bodnick, an iLike board member.

There, a much hipper and younger demographic than the earlier August Capital party had a late dinner of salmon and all manner of other treats under the stars.

That was capped by a concert from San Francisco’s popular band, Third Eye Blind, which has had many big hits including “Semi-Charmed Life.”

By the looks of things at the iLike party, it is a completely charmed one for the Partovis.