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Marketing Chief Leaving Yahoo


Chief Marketing Officer and head of its Customer Experience Division Cammie Dunaway will be leaving Yahoo Nov. 2.

Yahoo officials confirmed the departure to me and said Dunaway (pictured here) was seeking “new opportunities.”

Despite the job, the well-liked exec has not been one with a huge profile at Yahoo, so it is not clear to me what this means, as marketing issues have also not been a big focus at the company. That might change as Yahoo seeks to keep its traffic from falling and also reinforce its well-known brand.

Dunaway joined Yahoo in 2003 and was charged with, according to Yahoo’s Web site, “overseeing key initiatives that focus specifically on the consumer, including global branding and marketing efforts, consumer insights, user experience and design, editorial, policy and customer care.”

She had spent 13 years at Frito-Lay, supervising brands such as Doritos, Cheetos, Lay’s, Ruffles and Rold Gold pretzels.

UPDATE: Here’s some lovely memos posted on Valleywag about the departure: Dunaway’s (she still bleeds purple! Ouch!) and one from Yahoo President Sue Decker, which kind of muddies already muddy waters.