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Kara Visits The Lobby in Hawaii


I am at a new conference organized by August Capital’s David Hornik called The Lobby on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It is thick with Web 2.0 players, all here to interact and discuss issues, although without a formal program that is so typical of most Internet conferences.

In other words, the schmoozing in the halls is front and center, an interesting cut-to-the-chase twist from the gadfly VC Hornik.

So what was the talk last night at the opening cocktail party? The Facebook deal, of course, with most people being alternately incredulous, dubious and in awe of the $15 billion valuation that Mark Zuckerberg snagged from Microsoft.

In general, people were worried about the impact on their own companies, most agreeing that it would make the bubble even more bubblicious and that it marked the return of that frothy but queasy feeling of the first Internet bubble when AOL somehow managed to grab Time Warner in a deal that, as it turned out, will now live in infamy.

We’ll see about that, but now it is off to some mysterious group activity all day and, at some point, natch, a beach party.

Or as Elvis sang so movingly: Clambake! Geeks going to a Clambake!

Here’s some video, featuring folks like Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson of Digg: