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Maka-Maka Melee for Zuckerberg or Maka-Maka Beautiful Music Together?

Please see this disclosure related to me and Google.

Once it’s out (and sooner than later, we are guessing), we’ll all be able to consider whether Google’s new Maka-Maka project–a way to create an open social graph over the Web that is third-party apps friendly–is a real attempted assault on the Facebook platform or more of a way to widely spread the gospel of social networking (and, thus, an assault on the Facebook platform).


In any case, it should be interesting with Facebook’s clear lead and also, well, that gigantic bag of cash from Microsoft (and more to come).

But, until then, here’s a very smart take on the rollout of Maka-Maka by Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch’s most promising addition so far, of what Google’s true aims could be:

That’s where the bigger plan for Maka-Maka comes into play. Maka-Maka is very strategic for Google. Responsibility for it goes all the way up to Jeff Huber, the VP of engineering in charge of all of Google’s apps. Huber is on record as saying that the way Google plans to compete is by using the Web as the platform instead of trying to lock developers into Google’s own platform. One way it will do that from the start is by creating two-way APIs so that any app created for Google can be taken to other Web sites. (Whether this will extend to actual user-profile data within Orkut or elsewhere inside Google remains to be seen because of privacy issues, but the apps themselves will be portable). And data from other social sites will be able to be imported into Google’s social apps as well.

“The bigger vision is to combine all of Google’s apps and services through Maka-Maka. Google already has so much data on you, depending on how many Google apps you already use. It just needs to bring everything together. Your contacts are in Gmail. Your feeds are in Google Reader. Your IM buddy list is in Gtalk. Your upcoming events are in Google Calendar. Your widgets are in iGoogle. And don’t forget about your search history. Over time, Google will connect all of these together in different ways, along with data about you from other social services across the Web, and give developers access to the social layer, tying all of these apps together underneath. The real killer app for Google is not to turn Orkut into a Facebook clone. It is to turn every Google app into a social application without you even noticing that you’ve joined yet another social network.”