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MicroHoo: Oregoing-going-gone?


The state motto of Oregon is “Alis volat propriis,” translated as “She flies with her own wings.”

One wonders if the state can help a Microsoft and Yahoo union fly.

According to sources at both companies, execs at Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo (YHOO) had been considering a plan to meet on neutral ground in the state that borders both California, where Yahoo has its HQ, and Washington, where Microsoft lives.

But today, there were also reports that Microsoft’s generals are about to launch its proxy warheads, as soon as tomorrow, with a new slate of directors and a plan of lightning attack to take Yahoo by force.

They shouldn’t.

Why? As BoomTown wrote earlier today, it would be better to avoid a bruising proxy fight or a public walkaway by Microsoft, and at least get some kind of substantive talks on track first.

I wrote:

Both options are unattractive for a number of reasons to pretty much everyone and, in BoomTown’s opinion, an excellent example of how juvenile this takeover battle has become (or ‘amateur hour,’ as one source close to both companies described it to me).”

BoomTown suggested the lovely stylings of the Napa Valley for such a meeting, which should include only Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. At the very least, it would be a good idea to leave the bankers behind.

If they do pick Oregon, here are some important factoids to know, all from Wikipedia:

State flower: Oregon-grape (since 1899)
State song: “Oregon, My Oregon” (written in 1920 and adopted in 1927)
State bird: Western meadowlark (chosen by the state’s children in 1927)
State tree: Douglas fir (since 1939)
State fish: Chinook salmon (since 1961)
State rock: Thunderegg (like a geode but formed in a rhyolitic lava flow; since 1965)
State animal: American beaver (since 1969)
State dance: Square dance (adopted in 1977)
State insect: Oregon swallowtail (Papilio oregonius; since 1979)
State fossil: Metasequoia (since 2005)
State gemstone: Oregon sunstone, a type of feldspar (since 1987)
State nut: Hazelnut (sometimes called the filbert) (since 1989)
State seashell: Oregon hairy triton (Fusitriton oregonensis, a gastropod in the ranellidae family; since 1991)
State mushroom: Pacific golden chanterelle (since 1999)
State beverage: Milk (since 1997)
State fruit: Pear (since 2005)
State motto: Alis Volat Propriis, Latin for “She Flies With Her Own Wings” (since 1987; This was the original motto of Oregon, but had been changed to “The Union” in 1957.)
State hostess: Miss Oregon (since 1969)
State team: Portland Trail Blazers of 1990–1991 (since 1991)
State father: Dr. John McLoughlin (since 1957)
State mother: Tabitha Brown (since 1987)
Statehood pageant: Champoeg Historical Pageant (since 1987)
State nickname: Beaver State