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MicroHoo: Yahoo Board Meets and Microsoft Silence=?

The lack of announcement by Microsoft this morning, as expected, has Silicon Alley Insider speculating that Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo (YHOO) are finally engaged in serious, behind-the-scenes discussions about finally coming to the table and making a deal in the long-running takeover battle.

From Henry Blodget’s blog to Steve Ballmer’s brain…

But it’s not a bad theory, especially given the eerie quiet after the spate of very public Hamlet act by the Microsoft CEO yesterday. After telling The Wall Street Journal, “With the right circumstances it’ll happen. Without the right circumstances it won’t happen” today, this is how the New York Post characterized it:

“The frequently shouting, often sweaty Ballmer gave no indication as to the direction he was leaning, saying only that there were three paths the company could pursue: a friendly deal, an unfriendly deal or walking away.”

Well, that clears it up! (Not even one little bit.)

Actually, BoomTown posted earlier this week about informal talks already taking place:

According to sources close to both companies, there are informal discussions now taking place between Yahoo and Microsoft–via bankers, board members, shareholders and others close to both companies–to try to prevent a hostile takeover scenario or the sudden withdrawal of Microsoft’s offer.

So given Ballmer’s range of options this week seem wide enough to drive a semi through, perhaps that’s precisely what Yahoo is finally doing today, as its board meets, sources tell me, to discuss options.



Having successfully gotten the price talk up around the mid-$30s, after it was heading downward only last week and ladling on more Google (GOOG) scariness aimed at Microsoft yesterday–Fabulous online ad outsourcing deal coming! We swear! Google has magic powers to put a spell on you! Boooooo!–the bluffing by Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang would make the famous poker player Jerry Yang proud. (Both pictured here.)

So now, we wait and watch to see who wins this seemingly endless game of Silicon Valley Hold ‘Em.