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BoomTown Has Yahoo’s Qi Lu in Video Sights and Flubs It!

On Tuesday night, BoomTown reported from the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California dinner honoring Facebook.

And, as usual, I was video-harassing Greylock Partner’s David Sze and James Slavet about the acquisition of Yahoo (YHOO) Network division head Jeff Weiner into the firm as an executive in residence.

I prodded: “This is the pair that sucked Weiner away from Yahoo. Not that it was hard.”

Sze then joked: “Hah! It was enjoyable! I may do it again!”

He may, apparently, because the man eating his dinner to Sze’s immediate right and quietly snickering at my video attack of the VCs is none other than Qi Lu (see the screen grab of the video below), the beloved rock star Yahoo tech leader.

Big irony: News of Lu’s departure from Yahoo was broken in this column last night.

Yes, I am an ace reporter, given I don’t even recognize my prey!

So why was Lu there at the Greylock table, especially since he is not an HBS alum?

Perhaps Sze was actually telling the truth and is interested in bringing Lu–who is incredibly well regarded at Yahoo and is said to be a prince of a guy–into Greylock as an executive in residence like Weiner.

Or maybe, just maybe, as the new CTO of Facebook, a job that is open now that Adam D’Angelo–longtime friend of Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg–vacated it recently.

Greylock is one of Facebook’s big investors and Sze is an observer to its board.

As Silicon Valley turns!

Here’s the whole video of the dinner again (Lu’s appearance is about four minutes in):