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Here’s the Google Chrome Browser Comic Book: Hey Microsoft, Kaa-POW!!!

Here is Google’s entire comic book–BoomTown’s not going to say the search giant is juvenile, but a comic book?–that it is using to explain the technical details of its new browser called Chrome.

Sources told me definitively that Google (GOOG) will launch the browser–which is its most blatant attack on Microsoft (MSFT) yet–as early as tomorrow for download by consumers.

Until then, I got a copy of it and here is the entire comic book drawn by Scott McCloud (click on the images to make them larger, but wait until the page fully loads).

It explains the techie underpinnings of Chrome, especially its JavaScript engine, called V8, that the company says makes future complex Web applications render faster.

Or, for you kids out there, kind of like Superman but faster than a locomotive and a bullet train, too.

(By the way, the comic notes that Google has a Web site for Chrome here.)

Google Chrome Comic Book

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