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The Chrome Browser Stylings of Google’s Sergey Brin

At the Google launch of its new “not-a-Windows-killer” Chrome browser, held at its Mountain View, Calif., HQ yesterday morning, Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin arrived late and looked casually dressed and very windblown.

But he was quite talkative about Google’s Chrome, the software to navigate the Internet that the search giant released yesterday.

Brin talked about a lot of aspects of its development and implications, as well as its business prospects for Google (GOOG).

(Google’s other Co-Founder Larry Page is also in a small part of the video, also talking about Chrome.)

In a follow-up interview with me on the same video, Brin talks about possible market share for Chrome, the Mac version and the reaction from the company-that-shall-not-be-named-much–Microsoft (MSFT).

(And, not to get too personal, but check out Brin’s luvvly-jubbly Cayman Red Crocs too.)

Here’s the video:

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