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The Online Governator: Sarah Palin Video Mashups

After her stemwinder of a speech, where Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin finally broke her silence of the last week in an edgy address at the party’s convention (pictured above from Getty Images), it seems like a good time to peruse some of the many Palin-focused videos popping up on the Web.

No surprise–most are comical spoofs of the colorful politician, but there are all kinds. Then again, Palin seems a quip machine, and in her speech last night she managed to call herself a pit bull with lipstick.

First up, a brilliant one from Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” in which he points out with dueling video clips just how doubled-faced some Republican operatives and pundits have been defending Palin by playing the gender card:Next, a very funny news vlogger giving one of the more informative reports on Palin I have seen so far:

There is nothing like a man in drag, but I am still amazed how this guy managed to work classic lines from “Toostie” into his Palin impression:

And ABBA’s “Lay All Your Love on Me” is the soundtrack to this great photo montage of Palin (although I am not sure why polars bears inexplicably appear at the end):