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RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser Talks About RealDVD!

At DEMOfall yesterday, RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser chitty-chatted with BoomTown about a lot of things, such as the Presidential race (he is a big Obama supporter), his twins and more.

But in this video interview, Glaser talked about RealDVD, the company’s new “legal” DVD copier, which was launched here in San Diego yesterday.

At an introductory rate of $30, buyers can use the software to rip all the parts of a DVD, including cover art.

To avoid violating digital rights management schemes, RealDVD adds its own DRM layer, preventing ripped DVDs from being copied and shared and imposing further barriers to piracy.

But there are still possibilities for illegal ripping, of course, because RealDVD users must promise not to copy videos they don’t own.

Thus, an honor-system product that makes it even easier to copy DVDs might not be so welcomed by Hollywood, which has been trying to protect its movie revenues from suffering the same fate as the music industry via rampant CD-ripping.

Here’s the video of Glaser talking about RealDVD: