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The Secret Microsoft Invasion of Yahoo Continues: MSN GM Headed There Soon?

Jeff Dossett, a longtime Microsoft exec and current executive producer and general manager of MSN, is leaving the company, sources said, and is likely to land at Yahoo soon.

A longtime and experienced mountain climber, Dossett (pictured here) has been one of the more senior digital execs at Microsoft.

The reason given for Dossett’s departure from Microsoft (MSFT), announced internally this afternoon, was to “pursue other opportunities.”

While the hire is not yet complete, that apparently means that he is likely going to rival and onetime Microsoft quarry Yahoo as a senior exec.

It is an interesting digital-musical-chair trend, in fact. On Monday, another former Microsoft big shot, Joanne Bradford, will start her job as Yahoo’s top U.S. sales exec.

Bradford came to Yahoo (YHOO) after a very short stint as national sales head at the trendy Los Angeles start-up, Spot Runner.

Previous to that, Bradford (pictured here) had been at Microsoft for many years, most recently as VP and chief media officer of MSN Media Network.

While at Microsoft, Jeff Dossett was a close colleague of Bradford, so his moving to Yahoo would not be that much of a surprise.

But one has to wonder what other Microsoft execs Bradford can entice to come to Yahoo, especially given that CEO Jerry Yang is reportedly interested in aggressively beefing up his executive ranks after more than a year of employee attrition due to all the turmoil at the company.

Current Yahoo Media Group SVP Scott Moore, who has been at Yahoo for several years now, is another former Microsoft digital exec.

What Dossett would do if he takes a job at Yahoo is unclear.

But, in his job at MSN, Dossett was the lead for audience, content and programming strategy and execution in the U.S.

He has worked at the company since 1991, in a variety of sales and marketing jobs in Canada, and later worked on strategy and business development for MSN.

Dossett was also CEO of Carpoint, now MSN Autos, and was GM of its real estate arm.

He also took two years off from Microsoft in 2002 to climb the highest mountains on each of the seven continents, finally reaching the summit of Mount Everest in May of 2004.

Dossett reached the summit of Everest again for a second time this past May.