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The Mobuzz-Has-Fallen-and-It-Can’t-Get Up Saga Continues!

The Mobuzz.tv survival saga continues and the verdict is: It’s down but not out…yet.

Last week, the producer of free online video shows, based in Spain, has been essentially panhandling its users, asking in a series of videos for five euros each to keep it afloat until it can get more funding. Mobuzz wanted to raise 120,000 euros by this week.

And while it only has gotten about one-fourth–or 33,000 euros–of the way there, despair not! Mobuzz’s Anil de Mello says it will flippity-flop on, even as it is creating some of the more compelling content on the Web of late related to its death throes.

Because, in the current squeezed environment for start-ups, you can either listen to droning venture capitalists lecture you about cutting back–oh, irony of ironies–or, well, beg for you life to the public.

It is kind of the same thing, but Mobuzz is being rather entertaining in its desperation and, at least, has a sense of humor about the whole bizarre endeavor.

Here are some of the key videos so far, from last week to today, as the Mobuzz turns:

Save Mobuzz from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

Save Mobuzz – Wednesday Nov 5th Update from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

Save Mobuzz – Update Nov 6th from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

Mobuzz Lives! from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.