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And I Thought My Kid Was an iPhonatic–See This Video and Be Scared, Be Very Scared


Earlier this week, BoomTown chronicled my parenting conundrum concerning the fact that my almost-seven-year-old son hijacks my iPhone at every opportunity to play games and more.

Titled “My iKid iJacked My iPhone: A Geek Parenting Tragedy,” it describes the Apple (AAPL) smartphone’s strange hold over him:

“But now he wants to grab my iPhone from my holster all the time, having become entranced by apps–lots and lots and lots of apps–that now litter the digital pages of my Apple device.

DizzyBeeFree and Super Monkey Ball. Touch Hockey and Paper Football. Finger Sprint and MoodPhone. Bounce On and Crazy Penguin Catapult. Lie Detector and Crazy Snowboard. Tic Tac Toe and Hangman. And iChess, iCheckers, iBowl.

Of course, there are also the bubble poppers and light sabers and more cowbells.

And, good lord, how did a “Race to Witch Mountain” app get on there?”

It’s been freaking me out, frankly, until I saw this compelling video, sent to me by an Internet entrepreneur whom I know (and who shall remain nameless), about his even younger son’s iPhone obsession.

Or as this apps-crazy toddler puts it rather strongly: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiPhoooooooooone!

Here’s the do-NOT-miss video (and below it, for comparison, my little Apple acolyte):

Is your kid an iPhonatic? Send me proof!