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Kara Visits Twitter’s San FranTwittCo HQ!


Maybe you’ve heard of Twitter?

Fooled you! Just testing to see if you’re paying complete attention to the relentless media attention on the Silicon Valley start-up of the moment!

Well, BoomTown is too, and that’s why I fired up the MINI and motored top-down on over to Twitter’s San Francisco HQ yesterday to get myself a tour of the place by none other than co-founder No-Biz-Like-No-Biz Stone.

(I am quite enjoying making up various biz puns names for him, related to the fact the the well-funded microblogging start-up has not yet settled on a business plan, which Stone quite sportingly takes with very laudable equanimity.

And my new game is to name the burgeoning empire of Twitter. Some ideas: San FranTwittCo. Twittaly. Twittonia. The People’s-With-a-Lot-of-Time-on-Their-Hands Republic of Twittopia.

Until the United Nations weighs in, here’s a patented shaky-cam Flip video of my visit to the office, to which I brought pies as a guest–I was brought up right!–and where I found no Google (GOOG) or Microsoft (MSFT) folks hiding in the closet with big bags of money to hand over to Twitter.

Well, not yet.

On the visit, I also did a video interview with Stone and Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan Williams here.

Here is Stone’s tour of Twitter HQ: