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Plum’s Hans Peter Brøndmo Speaks About the Less-Social Social Network!


A few weeks ago, I dropped in on Hans Peter Brøndmo, a longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur, to talk about Plum, one of the many different kinds of social networks that are not Facebook.

Brøndmo is CEO and founder of Plum, which was founded several years ago, and is trying to make a business in the places big social networks ignore.

Sites like Plum are what many like to call microsocial networking, used by people or Web sites who want less the overwhelming experience that the large social networks have become and more an ability to create with a smaller group.

It’s hard–though not impossible–to do this on Facebook, and Twitter is all about broadcasting, so it’s interesting to look at those working on sites for small social groups and the various approaches they take.

As the Web becomes more socialized, one imagines a time when you don’t need an actual social network to maintain your online presence.

Plum–which started off as a social-bookmarking site until it morphed into its current offering–is one of those companies trying a variety of approaches to do this.

Here’s my video interview with Brøndmo where we chat about this and more: