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Apple Co-Founder and Dancing Fool Steve Wozniak Talks!


Today, at the Silicom Summit at Stanford University, BoomTown was on a panel about consumer media, and right in the front row paying rapt attention was Steve Wozniak.

It was the same Woz–the famous nickname of the Apple (AAPL) co-founder–who was also staring back last week at the seventh D: All Things Digital conference and taking it all in.

Thus, I used Woz as an example from onstage today, in making my point how to practice a new kind of journalism using simpler tech tools–like the Flip digital video camera and this blog, as well as Twitter and more–and doing quick and informative reporting about, say, well-known tech figures I see all over Silicon Valley.

As in: See Woz, stick my trusty Flip in Woz’s face, ask Woz annoying questions and, presto, we’ve got a lovely post about what he’s been up to.

Such as this video interview, in which Woz talks about a wide range of things from Apple to Google (GOOG) to sassy Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz (he’s buying stock!) to Twitter to innovation to social networking and, yes, dancing.

Woz, a verifiable tech legend, loves to talk–but not about his ex-partner Steve Jobs’ health this time–and it’s good to listen.

Here’s the video: