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JibJab’s Latest Video Spoof: “He’s Barack Obama”


Here is the latest video from the fine folks at JibJab Media, whose online political satires were among the first viral ones on the Web.

Titled “He’s Barack Obama,” it premiered tonight in front of the President at the 65th Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C.

The two-minute Obama video–which you can see below (with a little JibJab promo at the end)–is being launched in conjunction with JibJab’s Facebook Connect integration, so all comments on the video will run through the social-networking site’s platform.

Here’s the video:

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And here’s JibJab’s press release on the video:


JibJab assembles all-star rock band and premiers latest video with President in attendance at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner.

WASHINGTON, DC–June 19, 2009–JibJab, a leader in digital greetings and online entertainment, premiered its first satire of the Obama administration this evening at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner with the President himself in attendance.

The 2-minute musical video, entitled “He’s Barack Obama,” features the 44th US President in a super hero suit battling the challenges of our times to a heavy metal rendition of the American Civil War song, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.”

He’ll use his super powers to win in Iraq,
Then kung-fu chop the Taliban! Ka-chow! Ka-cha!
Our image in the world he’ll mend,
Then make the Jews and Arabs friends!
He’s Barack Obama,
He’s come to save the day!

In a departure from their banjo-centric musicals of the Bush era, JibJab assembled an all-star rock band to perform “He’s Barack Obama.” Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflet and Taylor Hawkins were joined by Chris Chaney, Jane’s Addiction, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Jellyfish and Beck, and Jess Harnell, renowned television and film voice actor, under the direction of composer, John Frizzell, whose film scoring credits include “Office Space” and “Beavis & Butthead Do America.”

The video’s animation style also represents a radical departure from past JibJab productions, replacing simple collage animation with a combination of frame-by-frame character animation and live action video.

“With a new President came the opportunity to push into new creative territory,” said JibJab co-founder and Head Art Guy, Evan Spiridellis. “Our goal was to push the quality of made-for-the-web entertainment farther than anyone has ever pushed it before and we hope our audience enjoys it.”

The video can be seen for free at http://JibJab.com.

This is the second time JibJab has premiered a video for a sitting U.S. President. In 2007, the company released a satire of the news media entitled “What We Call the News” for George W. Bush at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner.

“We live in an incredible time when creators can get their work out to a mass audience without gatekeepers,” said JibJab co-founder and CEO Guy, Gregg Spiridellis. “When we started the company 10 years ago, we couldn’t have dreamed that we’d have the incredible honor of entertaining two sitting U.S. Presidents. God bless the Interweb.”