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Keas’s Adam Bosworth Speaks About New Health Care Start-Up!


The former head of Google Health, Adam Bosworth, officially unveiled his much anticipated health-care start-up today at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, showing off a site that will offer step-by-step and personalized “care plans,” as well as many kinds of online tools to better understand the data and tips on how to stay healthy.

Before he did so, BoomTown did a video interview with Bosworth this morning about Keas, which he founded with George Kassabgi.

As it turns out, Google Health is, in fact, one of Keas’s partners at launch, along with Microsoft HealthVault, Quest Diagnostics, Healthwise, DiabetesMine and Dr. Greene Pediatrics.

Bosworth said he hopes to attract many others to make innovative plans, much as developers make apps for smart phones.

It’s perfect timing, given the health-care debate now raging in Washington, which is about how people make health-care decisions–or, more precisely, how they usually do not.

Bosworth left the search giant in the fall of 2007 because he wanted to create a nimble and easy-to-use site to enable better engagement by consumers in their health care, especially around diet, exercise and how people manage long-term conditions, such as diabetes.

But, while a lot of people use the Web to get health information, they–as well as doctors–have been warier about using Internet tools to help them manage and understand their health.

Microsoft (MSFT), where Bosworth also worked for many years, released a health information management tool last week too, called My Health Info, although Keas is clearly much more robust and authoritative.

But Bosworth said the more, the healthier.

He also pointed out that he is working with Microsoft too, as well as Google (GOOG), given that the pair have the power to get big amounts of information about health care online.

Now, he added, sites like Keas will be key to allowing consumers to manage and interpret that mass of often confusing data.

Keas, which is backed by Atlas Ventures and Ignition Partners and has 25 staffers, is allowing free use of its care plans now, but will eventually charge for use of certain features.

Here’s the interview I did with Bosworth about all this and more, including the origin of the site’s unusual name: