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AOL Stock One Week Later: Flat Is the New Up


If you had bought $1,000 worth of AOL stock back in 1992, your investment would have gained close to 15,000 percent–yes, 15,000 percent–just three years later.

That was not quite what happened this week for the iconic Internet company. It opened trading in its latest debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 10 at $23.67.

Yesterday, seven days after its execs rang the bell and spun off from Time Warner (TWX), AOL (AOL) shares closed at $23.36.

In other words, pretty much a wash so far!

That’s actually not such a bad thing, since many had expected AOL stock to fall more significantly after it went out.

Apparently, investors are still in that “Show Me” state CEO Tim Armstrong described last week in a video interview with BoomTown.

And, until he does show us, here’s that chat–along with a tour of the AOL HQ in New York: