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Dear SNL: Facebook Will Force You to Friend Betty White

Of all the whacked-out Internet schemes that get cooked up to promote some such thing or another–like crowning actor Ashton Kutcher as King Twit–BoomTown has finally picked one that seems to make a whole lot of sense.

That would be the grassroots movement on Facebook to get “Saturday Night Live” to invite legendary comic actor Betty White to host the late-night comedy television show.

Called Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!, the page–created by a dude named David Mathews–now has almost 400,000 fans, which is 100,000 more than SNL’s official fan page on Facebook.

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer yesterday about the social networking phenom about her, the 88-year-old White called herself a “technological spaz,” tut-tutting that her online popularity was “ridiculous; they just dig old ladies.”

Now I dig her even more for saying that.

White did note that she had been asked to host SNL many years ago, but not lately, despite a recent spate of work that has reinvigorated interest in her.

Here’s the video of the Sawyer interview with White about the SNL online movement on Facebook: