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Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz Interviews BoomTown About All Things Digital; Plus Lady Gaga: The Entire Honking Video

Last week, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz interviewed me in front of more than 600 Yahoos gathered at the company’s Silicon Valley HQ.

I was appearing as the first in a new speaker series, “Yahoo From the ‘Outside In,'” for employees at the Internet giant, due to my intense reporting about the company.

Bartz, as you will see in the entire video below, proved to be a decent interviewer and got me chatting away like some crazy digital mynah bird. Topics ran the gamut from who my sources are to what I would do if I ran Yahoo (YHOO) to whether this Facebook thing has legs.

Also, we covered Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL), AOL (AOL), Twitter, Microsoft (MSFT) and–my favorite!–the most innovative of all, Lady Gaga.

Here’s the whole interview of nearly 35 minutes, courtesy of Yahoo, excluding questions from employees, who queried me about the sometimes snarky tone in my posts and the impact of my personal relationship with a Google exec (see my copious disclosure here):

And here’s Gaga’s amazingly bizarre–but terrific–“Bad Romance” music video, which is how I sometimes think of my relationship with Yahoo: