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Viral Video: Betty White’s Cougar-icious SNL Promo

Well–as Betty White puts it in this promo for her debut appearance on the NBC late-night comedy show–“Thanks to the Internet, I’m hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

It is indeed so–after a lot of Facebook fan page grassroots agitation, the veteran television star will appear on SNL on May 8 for the first time ever.

As I wrote in a post titled, “Dear SNL, Facebook Will Force You to Friend Betty White,” I wrote:

“Of all the whacked-out Internet schemes that get cooked up to promote some such thing or another–like crowning actor Ashton Kutcher as King Twit–BoomTown has finally picked one that seems to make a whole lot of sense.”

The page on the social networking giant, called Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!, garnered many hundreds of thousands more fans that SNL’s official fan page on Facebook. It now numbers over 500,000 fans.

Apparently, it turned out to be a very effective “Like” button.

And, as expected, here’s video of the charming promo from the self-described “cougar”:

Betty White's SNL Promo
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