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Blast From D Past Video: Apple’s Steve Jobs at D1 in 2003

As BoomTown noted last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is making another appearance onstage at the eighth D: All Things Digital conference on June 1.

There is lots to talk about in 2010. But, until then, I am posting each of the previous interviews he did at past D events he has been at each week.

So, here is his first from D1 in 2003, where the Apple (AAPL) head is pictured here.

The rest coming include: D2 in 2004, D3 in 2005; and one solo interview at D5, along with his joint interview with Microsoft (MSFT) head Bill Gates, in 2007.

While the D5 videos were posted on the All Things Digital site in full, the others have not been easy to access.

One caveat: The source material of the earlier interviews is of varying quality, so audio sync is a little iffy.

And, it should be noted, in the past videos, Jobs noted that it was unlikely Apple would do a phone or a tablet.

It will be interesting to ask him in a few weeks at D8 exactly what Apple does (not) plan to do next.

Until then, here is the D1 video: