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Survey: Who Are the 10 Most Interesting People in Tech in 2010?

Last week, Barbara Walters did her annual television show “The 10 Most Fascinating People” of the past year.

Among the riveting folks that the veteran ABC interviewer sat down with were the inevitable Betty White and the unbearable cast from “Jersey Shore” explaining “smushing,” which you can watch below.

Also stuffed on the list–although without the requisite chat with Walters–was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, mostly it seemed for starring in the social networking movie not much about his life.

Okay, BoomTown will bite on that one and, so inspired, it seems that it’s time for our own such list at All Things Digital.

Thus, here’s a whole bunch of choices below for your selection–pick one only, or add to the list.

Also say why you did so and we’ll publish the winners in two weeks (and sorry the survey looks jammed, but we’re working on a redesign!):

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