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Wizard of Arianna, Armstrong Attacked by Bebo Monkey and Sharkish Rupe: AOL-HuffPo Gets Taiwanesed

Words cannot describe this hysterical and deliciously warped version of AOL’s $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post by Next Media Animation of Taiwan.

Except BoomTown has hit replay 10 times now.

It takes getting Taiwanesed to an entirely new level of surreal.

In its weirdest yet–and that is saying a lot–here is co-founder and Editor in Chief Arianna Huffington depicted as a giant, green Wizard of Odd head; AOL CEO Tim Armstrong with a crazed Bebo monkey on his back; inappropriate gay references; and an inexplicable appearance at the end by a manically laughing, shark-finned, Apple-iPad-holding Rupert Murdoch of News Corp.

I suggest watching it on pause, as there are tons of really funny details all over it.

Enjoy the video: